Episode 16: Whatever It Takes To Be Your Favorite!



Do you remember good old fashioned sugar rushes with friends?  Hanging out at midnight and watching Nickelodeon while cracking into a delicious SURGE!?  Neither do we, but for the sake of science we’ve done just that.  Three times to be exact, at 54mg of caffeine per can, making an episodic total of 162mg fueling this venture (not that anyone is counting).  For our sixteenth episode we visually surf the cartoon pages of KaBLam, a high energy and weird Nickelodeon relic that pairs perfectly with late night Surge binges!  Be warned, it’s about to get silly up in here!

KablamAnd as always, a production selfie of our team!


Have compliments, questions, comments, requests?  Splurge sponsorship?!  Email us!  Pretty please (with sugar on top).

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