Episode 14: Come On, Spanky, We’ve Got Some Trouble To Get Into!


Last episode your fearsome threesome took you on a jaunt down memory lane with the Nickelodeon sketch comedy classic, All That.  This time around we’re logically following up with a look at the spin-off series, Keenan and Kel!  We’ll discuss manliness and gender stereotypes-a-plenty from this ’90s buddy sitcom, and even watch Keenan and Kel(ly) get married!?  But wait, there’s more…  You’ll also learn which drink is more feminine between orange Pop and root beer, and whether or not Kindergarden Babies™ have souls.  These puzzling mysteries and more, but you’ll have to come out of the closet and join the book club!

Episode Source:  Keenan and Kel – Season 4, Episode 2 (The Honeymoon is Over)

keenan and kel
Keenan’s Living Room Naked Dance


Kinder-Garden Baby doodles (or demon spawn? You decide)

And as always, a production selfie of our team!


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