Episode 11: Hey Austin!



Your favorite fearsome threesome is back, but with our first ever show guest!  It’s Austin: Proven Hey Arnold! aficionado, vegetable enthusiast, and lofi supergroup leader of The Radish Friends.  Together we soar back to 1996 and urban life with Arnold to learn about the Pigeon Man, the creature on the roof of the 88th St. building.  Make sure you take 3 berries every 4 hours and drink lots of milk, because we need you in top health for this one!  And whatever you do, don’t get carried away (unless the birds give explicit consent).

Episode Source:  Hey Arnold!  Season 1 – “Pigeon Man”

Austin’s doodles:


Aunt Jessi, Moonbeam, Austin, and Uncle Jessie (L to R)

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