Episode 10: Twine and Sticks Not Included!



We’re in double digits, folks!  It’s time for episode 10 of the Vital Information for Everyday Life Podcast with your favorite best friend trio; Aunt Jessi, Uncle Jessie and Moonbeam!  Today we explore a show that Detroit kids probably know best from the CBC, but was also broadcasted on Nickelodeon in the ’90s.  Wholesome Canadian sing along show or an isolated man’s emotional cry for help?  You decide while we talk about Fred Penner’s Place!  Word Bird is dropping some “confidence” on your head and we’re ready to psychoanalyze each and every song Fred sings to his weird blue puppet friend.  Strap on your Blade Runner Roller Blades and get ready for the Frog Show!

Want to watch before you listen?  Check out the source material here: Fred Penner’s Place – “Confidence” (from 1994)

20150818 Fred Penner MM 0077.jpg
Where is he now?  Still rocking!


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Musical Excerpt Credit: Fred Penner’s Theme Song

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