Episode 9: The Secret (non average) World of Vital Information



Is your life painfully average?  Ever screamed into your mirror “I’m so boring!” while ferociously searching for the right outfit?  Then the Secret World of Alex Mack might be  useful viewing for you.  You see, Alex was destined for a life of inconsequence and boredom until one fateful day when she got hit by a chemical truck and developed super powers.  How did she keep her secret, especially when an evil corporation that was controlling her town was out to find her?  Find out with Moonbeam and your two favorite Jessi/ie’s on this week’s episode!



Source for discussion: The Secret World of Alex Mack – “The Accident” (aired 10/8/94)

Musical Excerpt Credit: XelonEntertainment (on behalf of 8-Bit Arcade)

Scan your hands and damn the man, it’s the episode 9 selfie!

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