Episode 8: You Can Never Be Too Cool or Too Rad!



Pull out your scrunchies, nerd pie, it’s time for Clarissa to explain herself!  Is she really THAT into fashion or are her constant clothing changes really just an incontinent cry for help?  Why has she given the neighborhood peeping Tom full access to her bedroom? Just how low will she stoop to win a free car and CD player?  Oh hey, and while we’re at it, what the hell are “Flirt Squirts” and how should you best ambush your crush without consent?  Find out these mysteries and more on this episode of Vital Information for Your Everyday Life with  Uncle Jessie, Aunt Jessi, and Moonbeam.


Source for discussion: Clarissa Explains It All – “She Drives Me Crazy” (aired 2/23/92)




And it wouldn’t be great without a selfie for episode 8!


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