Episode 6: Better Than Bad, It’s Good!


Welcome back, friends! We are officially counting our episodes on two hands now, exciting stuff! This time around we gather to discuss everyone’s favorite deranged cat and dog duo, Ren and Sitmpy! Your beloved hosts, Moonbeam, Uncle Jessie and Aunt Jessi, travel back to February 23rd of 1992 for the season 1 finale entitled “Stimpy’s Invention” (not to be confused with the video game by the same name that follows in 1993). We kick in the door with our own take on “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy,” so hope you like kazoos and ukuleles! Of course you do, what’s not to love?! Stimpy’s got some funky gadgets to share and we’re wearing our Levi’s Loose Fit jeans. So, strap on your Happy Helmet and pull out your Log from Blammo, because there’s no time for EEDIOTS!

Disclaimer: This episode of Vital Informaiton for Your Everyday Life featured the show Ren and Stimpy. Since the recording of this show some information has been released about John Kricfalusi that we find utterly reprehensible. We at V.I.P. in no way support his behavior. We also want to acknowledge the work that was done on this series by people that aren’t douchebags or abusers. So, that being said, we hope you still enjoy the show.



And as always, we end every session with a selfie!


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