Episode 5: Jakeroo and Angie Too!

Hey Dude

Yee haw and welcome back pardners!  This 5th Episode of the Vital Information for Everyday Life podcast takes you down the nostalgia trail with Hey Dude!  Join us as we randomly take a gander at Season 3, Episode 12, entitled “The Bad Seed.”  We’ll meet Angie, a vicious trouble starter, and learn valuable lessons about child trafficking at the Bar None Dude Ranch.  Anything to avoid Jakeroo’s frisbee lessons, am I right?  We’ll also examine a 1990 Encyclopedia Britannica commercial from a time before smart phones and instant information, hosted by a JTT wannabe and a disembodied god voice.  Start your horse and come along, hippy-ti-yi-ya!

Angie in one of several bib outfits, terrorizing Buddy per usual

Another episode, another selfie!

Ep 5

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