Episode 4: Space, What a Trip!


Our 4th episode is out of this world, featuring the forgotten sci-fi relic Space Cases and a ’90’s commercial for Space Camp!  We start our journey with a leap back to March 2, 1996 for the pilot episode of Space Cases, Nickelodeon’s kid-friendly answer to Star Trek.  Our V.I.P. trio opens the episode with our take on the theme song and a jog down memory lane to discuss adolescent crushes and hair style life goals.  We then take a good hard look at “We Gotta Get Outta This Place!,” which introduces us to a motley crew of misfits, known as the “space cases” of Star Academy.  Led by a flat-top wearing trouble maker, the group explores an unknown ship and gets tricked into an unforeseen adventure.  There’s zany comedy, creepy phallic symbolism, and misplaced aggression – fun for the whole family!  And finally, scientists say by 2019 we’ll go to Mars…  Tune in to find out how you can prepare!spacecases

And as always, another episode selfie!


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