Episode 3: Daganoid Spodie!


AngryBeavers ep 3

This better late than never third episode had some Michigan winter scheduling delays but nonetheless was finally recorded on 2/12/18, our apologies for the delay.  This time the fearsome threesome examines Angry Beavers, Season 3 – Episode 1, entitled ” What’s Eating You?” from 3/14/99.  The episode presents a grim adventure into the center of the Earth that really emphasizes the dangers “spee-lunking” while hangry and the ever present control one must conjure in order to not to eat their friends.  We also review a “Wild Magic Burst” Pop Tart commercial, also from 1999, that may or may not have ties to the Heaven’s Gate cult and address issues of white privilege.  Buckle up and enjoy!

Ep 3 Selfie logo
Aunt Jessi, Uncle Jessie, and Moonbeam (L to R)

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